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Because you DON’T need more strategy, action or knowledge to create remarkable results & significant shifts in your business.

Sure, you have to take action. 

Spend time on marketing. And have knowledge (that you actually implement…) on building and growing a business. 

But this will ONLY be effective when there are no underlying blocks or fears that keep you from getting what you want. 

The issues you encounter in your business have NOTHING to do with business, strategy, marketing or sales.

And EVERYTHING to do with what’s going on underneath.

Over the years I've seen several themes show up for ALL women entrepreneurs that make it a LOT harder to grow your business. 

And the way through them so you’re free to create massive shifts and breakthrough results is ALWAYS the same: 

To clear, heal & transform the inner turmoil that clouds your wisdom, kills your creativity, clogs up your receiving channels and stops you from taking the actions you must take. 

It’s ALWAYS the inner shit that keeps you stuck and makes it difficult or even impossible to achieve your goals. 

And your outer results & reality can ONLY significantly change AFTER you make changes on the INSIDE FIRST.

That’s why I created RISE: 

To help you clear, heal & transform your inner blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs, so you are free to create remarkable results & significant shifts in your business!

When your mind is clear, you know exactly what to do. 

When your blocks are cleared and your energy flows freely, you’re able to take the right actions at the right time. 

  • You’re open to connect and co-create with the divine / source / the universe. 
  • Your doubts & fears no longer have a hold on you. 
  • You’re no longer stuck or overwhelmed. 
  • You no longer get in your own way. 
  • And you’re open to manifest and receive what you want. 

Rise is for you if:

You're a female entrepreneur who's ready for real results & growth in your business. So you can BE more. Have more. Contribute more. 

(And still have plenty of time to drink wine, read books, binge watch your favorite series, do yoga, or whatever makes YOU feel happy & alive.) 

You’re tired of cookie-cutter steps, shallow tips, working harder or hoarding more knowledge. 

(And you already know this doesn’t help you. Been there, done that, right?) 

You’re open to energy and spiritual stuff – but NOT in a fluffy, airy-fairy, there’s-only-love-and-light, sit-on-your-ass-and-it’ll-come-to-you kind of way. 

(I’m too grounded, practical and down to earth for that. And so are you.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced or beginning entrepreneur. 

This program is about clearing your inner clutter and taking your best next action from the space this inner cleaning opens up for you. 

So you always work on whatever YOU need to work on right now, both on the inside and on the outside. 

Here’s how RISE works. 

Every month, you receive:

A monthly masterclass.

Every month, I pick a topic that helps you create more of what you want. Owning the true value of your work, for example. Money. Self-love. Or the art of receiving.  

I tune into the essence of that topic: 

At its core, what's the mindset & energy you need to make sure that the ACTIONS you take will actually bring you the results you WANT?  

This is NOT the how-to of any topic – that’s just information.  

You can get that EVERYWHERE.  

Type in ‘sales’ on Google, and within 5 seconds you have more information than you can implement in this lifetime.  

In the masterclass you receive the core of each topic, so you can implement it in your OWN way, fully aligned with who you are, with what works for YOU, and what you specifically need right now.

This month's topic: February 2018:

Allowing Ease

(or anything else you'd like to experience more of in your business & life)

Would you like to take it easier? But you're not sure that's possible if you also want to grow your business / make more money / have more impact?

I know. A lot of doubts get in the way.

But you CAN take it easier - regardless of how easy you allow things to unfold for you already.

And not only will you FEEL better when you do: your (manifesting & business) results will improve, too!

Learn how to allow more ease with this month's content, and let the healing energy support you & boost your overall energy and vibe.

February content available until March 2 ONLY. 

2 healings per month

In addition to the masterclass , I look at which blocks & obstacles typically occur for each topic.

These need to be addressed, so the actions you take actually bring you the results you want. 

That’s what the healings are for:  

They help you clear your inner obstacles and blocks, and release you from the invisible cage you feel trapped in.  

They energize you and increase your inner peace & joy.  

They clear the way for you to take powerful action that helps you break free AND break through to your personal next level – whatever that looks like, in whatever way fits YOU best.  

All you have to do is relax, close your eyes, listen, and just BE – and the healing energy does the rest.  

Healing energy that supports you all month long. 

Sometimes you need some extra healing, a quick shot of energy, or a reconnecting to your inner peace & quiet.

That's why I created the powerful Energy Portal.

It's open for you 24/7. 

You can tap into its healing energy at all times, as often as you like, which helps you : 

  • Unblock stagnant energy;
  • Let go of what you no longer need, and 
  • Recharge your batteries. 

Monthly Money Mojo. 

A quick tip, tool or exercise that helps you shift your mindset, energy, and feelings about money.  

Because improving your financial circumstances starts at the same place where ALL change and creation starts:  

On the inside.  

The Monthly Money Mojo gives you easy to implement tools to improve your inner state of being around money – which creates the space for your financial situation to improve, too!  

(IF you actually PLAY with these tools, and take any inspired actions that come up next. The same goes for ALL the tools and content you receive in this program. It will only work if you work with it!)  

One Q&A/coaching call.

Ask me your questions & receive laser coaching on the topic at hand. 

A recording is made if you can’t be there live.


Access to a private Facebook group exclusively for the participants of RISE.

Here, you can ask questions, share insights & wins, and ask for support whenever you need. I'm there to support you and cheer you on. 

PLUS you get some spontaneous Facebook Lives where:

  • I share behind-the-scenes stuff of my business (something I normally ONLY share with my 1-1 clients!); 
  • You can Ask-Me-Anything about business & life; 
  • You receive additional info & insights on either the monthly topic OR something I sense is up for people in the program.

My online program Business Magic – How to co-create with the universe for more flow, growth, joy & profit in your business!

(A 597 Euro value.) 

This program is ONLY available as a bonus with RISE!

You get immediate access to this program when you sign up for RISE!

My online workshop – No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-Sucking Strategies - build your business organically, intuitively & 100% YOUR way!

(A 197 Euro value.) 

This program is ONLY available as a bonus with RISE!

You get instant access to all recordings of the workshop (6 hours in total), PLUS the amazing bonuses that are part of the workshop.

RISE is a one-of-a-kind monthly membership program that will greatly support your growth, and that of your business. 

The healing energy you receive in it alone is more than worth your monthly investment! 

You can also easily combine RISE with any other coaching or business building program from any other coach. 

The healing & clearing you receive in RISE will only make it easier to implement what you learn in those other programs.

You get immediate access to the this month’s topic. To the bonus program Business Magic. To the bonus workshop No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-Sucking Strategies. And you can instantly join the Facebook group.

“RISE gives me the intuitive approach to doing business that I was looking for, and the support I need to do business from my heart.  

The masterclasses are amazing, and the healings are very powerful: they give me more energy, help me explore new territory, and trust myself and my intuition.  

I absolutely adore Brigitte’s capacity to create such powerful healings and give masterclasses with so much content in a relaxed way.  

If you’re looking for an intuitive business coach who helps you get out of your own way and create an amazing business and life: go to Brigitte!” 

Constance Schaap, lifestyle coach who empowers women to live from the heart

You are an exceptional teacher and also an excellent energy healing conduit! 

Your healing energy is tremendously strong.” 

Kelli Spencer,

“The healing energy Brigitte sets up really works! My body reacted to it and my mind started to shift. It doesn't happen at once but more like a small seed that is planted and starts to grow slowly.” 

Margot Verhoeven,

Some of the benefits you can get from participating in RISE: 

  •  Overcome your fears & doubts. (They no longer keep you from doing what you want to do.) 
  •  Transform or delete negative & limiting beliefs. 
  •  No longer feel stuck. 
  •  End overwhelm & learn to find peace in the middle of the biggest chaos. 
  •  Heal blocks & recharge your energy. 
  •  End self-sabotage. 
  •  Worry less and find more inner peace and trust. 
  •  Let go of beliefs, habits and actions that no longer serve you. (Or that you simply dislike.) 
  •  A strong connection to your intuition. (So you can use its full power in your business.) 
  •  Take actions that are fully aligned with your soul, personality and everything you want, need, treasure and believe in. (So you actually ENJOY your business and achieving your goals.) 
  •  Live and do business from your soul. (Which automatically means you’re living your purpose or calling. Plus it brings meaning, joy, and fulfillment to your business & life.) 
  •  More focus, more time, more joy, and more energy. 
  •  More money. (When you take the right actions, no longer shrink back from what you have to do AND are open to receive….abundance and money can flow to you freely.) 

Some examples of themes we'll be working on:

Visibility - Self-worth & self-belief - Opening up to receive - Money - Owning the value of your work - Marketing - Play, expect & receive bigger - Manifesting - Owning & sharing your message & voice - Fully expressing your gifts - (Energetic) Boundaries

What all themesve in common is this: they help you connect to who you really are (at the level of your soul), what you truly want (those deep desires that come straight from your heart), and to build your entire business (and life!) around it. 

“I know the inner work is more important than planning or strategies. 

That’s why I joined RISE.  

Since I joined, I experience much more inner peace. I let go of so much pressure I put on myself.  

The healings are very powerful. I feel cherished and safe when I listen to them, and my energy feels different afterwards: more self-love, more acceptance, more inner peace.  

Brigitte helps me see that my business works best if I do everything on my own terms, and honor myself completely.  

I now experience less stress, and I no longer feel rushed. I trust I’m doing the right things, and I’m on my way.  

Sometimes stress kicks in, or I feel restless. And then I listen to one of the healings, calm down again, and deeply feel that everything is already OK.”  

Martine Grünwald,

“I love RISE. It resonates very deeply with me.  

I learned to trust myself and my guidance, listening to the exhortation to go for it, and to be persistent. 

I am more present than ever before. I’m more focused. More aware. And I experience joy. Deep joy.  

The healings are beautiful, profound, deeply moving. There are many during which I weep with joy, beauty, recognition, awe.  

I love Brigitte’s authenticity, great sense of humor, how everything is permeated by an “all is well” attitude, and yet somehow it isn’t wishy washy. It’s very deep.  

Brigitte is a very powerful and intuitive healer, and always encourages you to be true to yourself and become more aware of who you really are.” 

Lyerka Miller

“I felt very relaxed and peaceful thanks to the healing energy, and comforted afterwards – like the energy had melted resistance within me

It felt similar to a very deep meditation.” 

Beate Schneeberg,

There is NO other business program out there that offers this unique combination of healing, mindset, soul, AND action.

Strategy, knowledge, and action usually come first. Sometimes accompanied by mindset work. And, if you’re lucky, spiced up with some manifesting & attracting principles. 

But knowledge isn’t hard to find. 

(I bet you already have more knowledge than you’re implementing.) 

And actions are easy: all you have to do is TAKE them. 

The ONLY reason that’s EVER difficult, is because of what’s going on underneath: the doubts, fears, uncertainties, unclarities & unhealed issues that make it hard to take action and receive what you want. 

That’s why this program focuses on clearing that inner shit FIRST – and taking action next. 

Here’s a quick recap of everything you receive in this program:

  • 2 healings (related to the monthly topic) per month (MP3 format);
  • A monthly masterclass + worksheet (MP3 + PDF format);
  • 24/7 access to healing energy in the powerful Energy Portal
  • Monthly Money Mojo: a quick tool, tip or exercise to improve your money mojo ; 
  • 1 Q&A / coaching call (recording available afterwards); 
  • Access to a closed Facebook group; 
  • BONUS: the online program Business Magic (a 597 Euro value!)
  • BONUS: the online workshop No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-Sucking Strategies – build your business organically, intuitively & 100% YOUR way! (a 197 Euro value!)

I invite you to RISE. 

Because the world needs more healing & change – and YOU are born to contribute to that. 

And because I KNOW that clearing your inner shit not only drastically improves your results, but also brings you more joy and inner peace. 

Clearing my own inner shit helped me come home to myself. 

And I’d love for you to experience that, too!

"Words can hardly describe how wonderful the healings are. 

And they truly work: they help you take action on the topics, and immensely increase the impact and results of your actions.  

Miracles occurred since I joined RISE: more money; a fantastic new client; more space, inner peace & connection with my purpose, and joy! 

I highly recommend RISE. It’s an incredible value for money!” 

Else Boutkan,

Some questions you may have: 

When does it start? 

The moment you sign up. 

What happens when I sign up?

Within minutes after your purchase is completed, you receive: 

Access to the membership area with this month's content, the 2 bonuses and the Energy Portal; and instant access to the Facebook group.

When does it end? 

RISE is an ongoing program. You can stay as long as you like. And it stops the moment you cancel.

Cool. Speaking of which: how can I cancel? If I ever want to?

Easy: you can cancel from within your account, or send an email to my team asking them to cancel your membership. And they'll take care of it for you quickly. No hoops jump through!

How about payments? How does that work?

Your investment is 44 Euros (appr. 52 US dollars depending on the current exchange rate) per month. You're automatically billed once every 30 days. Until you cancel, of course.

Do you get access to previous content & healings?


Is it for women only?  


One last question: Do you have a refund policy? 

Nope. No refunds. You get instant access to 2 valuable programs worth 794 Euros AND they're yours to keep, regardless of how long (or short) you stay. Plus, you can cancel easily the moment you want out.

About Brigitte

I’m a purpose & breakthrough master, teaching you how to fully express your soul and be completely true to yourself in every area of your business & life.

I work with women entrepreneurs and help you release the invisible cage you feel trapped in - so you're free to do business & life YOUR way, without compromising, sacrificing or changing who you are.

I have over 14 years experience as an entrepreneur, and well over 16 years experience as a (business) coach.

I'm a thorougly trained master coach; a Reiki Master; an Accelerated Change Template Coach (in 2011 I was the first coach in The Netherlands who worked with this process to change your subconscious beliefs); a Soul Realignment practitioner (reading & clearing of your Akashic Records, the energetic database of your soul); and overall, I'm highly intuitive & a powerful energy worker.

In RISE, you benefit from ALL my skills and expertise in the areas of business, mindset, energy & healing.

And from my wicked sense of humor, no-nonsense attitude, and the occasional cursing, of course ;-) 

Plus: I'm a published author of the Dutch book "Ontdek Wat Je Echt Wilt - En Maak Daar (Je) Werk Van. 

Currently working on my upcoming book series:

 "The Art of Divine Selfishness - how to transform your life, your business & the world by putting yourself first."

And finally: I LOVE people - in moderation ;-)

That's why I limit appointments to an ABSOLUTE maximum of 4 per week. 

Having loads of alone time keeps me happy and prevents me from turning into a raging alcoholic lunatic ;-) 

Legal Disclaimer 

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. The more you put into this program in terms of listening to the lessons, implementing the action steps, and asking all your questions, the more you will get out of it.