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For women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business WITHOUT suffocating their soul, working their ass off, or changing who they are

This is how we’re taught that growing your business works:

You decide what you want to achieve

Turn this into goals. Which have to be concrete. Measurable. Have a deadline, and numbers attached to them:

Of how much money you want to make. How much clients you want to serve. How big you want your list to be.

Finally, you create a solid business-plan. Filled with actions, steps, deadlines & timelines.

For some people, this works like a charm. 

It motivates them, helps them hustle and push and GO GO GO until they’ve achieved or surpassed every goal they set.

But for other people? For YOU?

It does NOT work at all.

Setting goals and picking numbers makes you feel anxious, cramped up, and attached to getting results.

What if you aim too high and you don’t make it? 

You’ll feel like a failure.

What if you aim too low – can you still grow your business then? 

Or does that make you a lazy underachiever who doesn’t live up to her full potential?

Creating a business plan cramps you up even further.

You have NO idea HOW to achieve these big, bold goals you set.

So how can you fill in the blanks between where you are today and where you want to be in a year?

And how the hell can you even know NOW what you feel like doing in 6 months time? 

Or even one MONTH from now?

How do you make a plan out of THAT?

You have NO idea.

This leaves you with a constant feeling that you’re winging it & falling short on how you’re SUPPOSED to grow your business.

If only you knew how to grow your business without losing yourself, without changing who you are, without working all the time, and without a clear step- by-step plan to work with…

And you wonder how you can grow your business organically, intuitively, in your OWN way?

You understand that you have to take action – only visualizing and waiting for the universe to bring you your manifested dreams with a cherry on top is NOT how it works. 

But which actions DO you take? 

And how do you know it’s the right time to take them?

Do you wait for inspiration or….?

What if you become lazy, and don’t do anything at all anymore?

THAT’S not going to grow your business for sure.

And how will you grow, and learn, and stretch yourself, if you don’t set goals?

It would be great to do it differently. In your own way. And get the results to show for it. 

But you just don’t know how.

That’s where this workshop comes in.

I KNOW how this works. And I’ll teach you ALL about it!

‘Cause I’ve been where you are.

I’ve struggled with making plans ever since I started my business in 2003.

I either didn’t make them (and felt guilty about that), or I DID make them but didn’t stick to it (and felt guilty about that, too.)

And if I didn’t get the results I wanted, there was always that little voice that told me it was because I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t think things through, and I fell short as an entrepreneur.

I DID set goals, though, and really loved that for a while! 

It gave me direction, focus, and a feeling of being in control. (And boy, did I like THAT :-)


Along the way, I learned more about manifesting. About energy. Intuition. Following the nudges of your soul. Co-creating with the universe.

I started living & doing business completely intuitively.

That, plus doing business in my OWN way, ALL the way (which I’ve been doing since the day I started my business) turned out to be the golden business-growing recipe for me. 

I ditched making plans at the beginning of 2016, which felt GREAT.

Stopped setting goals (minus one or two goals that still make me feel good).

And noticed that I not only FEEL much better and ENJOY my business & life more: my RESULTS are much better, too!

And my clients experience the same thing:

The more they do business in their OWN way, and the better they learn to listen to their intuition, the better they feel – and the better their results.

Over the years, I see more and more women struggle with setting goals, making plans, and following cookie-cutter business-building steps.

Just like you.

Because you’re too intuitive, too sensitive, and/or too creative to stick to the old school, rigid ways of getting results and growing your business. 

You want to unleash yourself and your power, express yourself fully, and make a difference with your soul’s purpose.

And you want to grow your business, too, in your very own way!

You can. And in this workshop, I will teach you how.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • What to focus on INSTEAD of goals and WITHOUT a business plan (so you’re not just going aimlessly from one day to the next, without any growth, purpose or sense of direction);

  • The solid foundation you need to be able to grow your business organically & intuitively and, more importantly: 

  • HOW to do that exactly (so you’ll have a step-by-step recipe you can use for everything you choose to manifest);

  • The pitfalls & questions you encounter when you start doing business completely intuitively & in your very own way (so they don’t stop you in your tracks or freak you out), AND 

  • How to prevent or deal with it if you encounter them;

  • A complete overview of the mindset, tools, beingness, & steps you need to grow your business intuitively, organically, and 100% YOUR way. (So you understand how it works, and, more importantly: can IMPLEMENT it in your very own way.)

And if you still feel like setting goals or making a plan, you’ll know how to do this in a way that feels good AND goes hand in hand with using your intuition & going with the flow.

This is what you’ll learn in this 6-hour online workshop.

You get instant access to all recordings once your purchase is completed.

As a result of implemeting what you learn, you’ll be able to grow your business organically, intuitively, 100% YOUR way - without changing who you are, compromising on what you need & believe in, or working your ass off.

You’ll experience more flow, because you learn how to work WITH your intuition & the universe, instead of against it.

You’re more relaxed and at peace, which makes it easier to tap into your intuition & creativity, so you can find answers & inspiration whenever you need it.

Are more connected to your intuition, your creativity, and your soul purpose.

Know what’s best for YOU and to trust and follow that, instead of getting distracted by what others are doing or teaching.

You become your own guru.

Not only will you FEEL so much better….your results will be better, too!

And you’ll be able to enjoy the process of getting these results as well – no more struggling, pushing, suffering or forcing to grow your business! 

Here’s everything you get:

Recordings of the entire workshop (6!! hours in total); 

Handout, worksheets & cheat sheets in PDF format;

Access to a closed Facebook group, where you can ask me your questions on the content of the workshop & implementing it; 

PLUS these bonuses:


Relax Your Way To Success – Easy Steps To Deal With Overthinking, Overwhelm & Overwork ( a 97 Euro value)

Audio + handout + worksheet

A Soul Purpose Alignment audio (A 77 Euro value)

A guided visualization / clearing / healing audio that helps you connect deeper to your soul’s purpose, and clear obstacles that stand in your way to fulfill it.


Your Ideal Workweek 

Consciously turn how you choose to live & what matters to you most into your ideal workweek (a 97 Euro value)

Audio + handout + worksheet.

You can ONLY get this 197 Euros value workshop as a bonus when you sign up for the online business healing program RISE. 

When you sign up for my online business healing program RISE, you receive ALL of the workshop materials & the bonuses for FREE, plus: 

  • PLUS instant access to this month’s materials & healing energy of RISE;
  • PLUS instant access to the complete program Business Magic (a 597 Euro program on using your intuition & co-creating with the universe);
  • AND automatic access to new materials, clearings & healing energy EVERY month, for as long as you decide to stay in the program.

RISE is a monthly membership program for women entrepreneurs only, that helps you heal, clear & transform your inner blocks & obstacles so you are free to create remarkable results and significant shifts in your business.

Your investment for RISE is 88 Euros per month. You can stay as long as you like and cancel anytime.

(Are you already a member of RISE? You don’t have to do anything. You automatically get access to this workshop.)

Join RISE and receive ALL of the above!

You can stay as long as you want and can cancel anytime!

21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Prices in dollars may vary, depending on the current exchange rate. 

Rest assured: this payment is safe and easy because it is processed through secured servers. 

(Want to know more about RISE and what to expect from it first? You can read all about & then sign up for it here.

21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Prices in dollars may vary, depending on the current exchange rate. 

Rest assured: this payment is safe and easy because it is processed through secured servers. 

“Brigitte taught me how to work with my intuition and co-create with the universe in very practical ways. 

My intuition is much stronger now, and I’m able to consciously use it in my business. 

As a result I experience more flow and am much more focused. 

I’m no longer scattering my attention and energy, and I’m proactively growing my business” 

Ellen de Lange, Ros,

“The main thing that I have learned from Brigitte is to start trusting my inner compass, both in business and in life. 

As a result, I am spending my time much more efficiently. I know what tasks I need to work on and I only put energy and effort in projects that are worthwhile exploring. 

I am doing less, while the amount of organizations I am serving keeps growing.” 

Carolien van den Akker,

“I learned to focus on the right things, have faith, and ask for help when I need it. 

I also learned to trust my intuition and to use it as my guiding light. 

I’m getting closer and closer to the business & life that truly fit me. And I’m creating it all on my own terms!” 

Florien van Basten Batenburg,

“Brigitte taught me to make choices based on how I want to feel, and to trust my heart and my instinct. 

I listen to my body and the universe now. 

This makes it so much easier to focus on what truly matters to me. 

I’m passionate about my work again, and my enthusiasm has a positive effect on my results, too: it’s easier to attract new clients now!” 

Patricia Braat,

"Working with Brigitte helped me reconnect to everything that really matters to me. 

I feel inspired and in the flow again. I learned how to fulfill my mission in business in MY own way, the Else-way. 

I’m more relaxed, and I’m actually doing the things I’ve been dreaming of for so long. 

New opportunities are coming my way. I’m doing what I love again, and learned to set priorities based on what’s good for me AND has the biggest impact. 

Working on my business puts a smile on my face and inspires me now. It makes me happy instead of feeling stressed out.

Else Boutkan,

“The Business Magic program (you receive as a bonus when you sign up for RISE) feels really magical. It makes life and business so much easier and more fun. 

I am now experiencing the space I was so desperately looking for. 

No more ‘working my ass off’, but peacefully creating stuff with my inner guidance.” 

Elske Hoen,

About Brigitte

I’m a spiritual teacher & healer who speaks (and means) business.  

I work with women entrepreneurs and help you release the invisible cage you feel trapped in - so you're free to do business & life YOUR way, without compromising, sacrificing or changing who you are.  

I have over 14 years experience as an entrepreneur, and well over 16 years experience as a (business) coach.  

In addition to being highly intuitive & a powerful energy worker, I'm also a master coach with expert coaching skills.  

In RISE, you benefit from ALL my skills and expertise in the areas of business, mindset, energy & healing.  

And from my wicked sense of humor, no-nonsense attitude, and the occasional cursing, of course ;-)  

Plus: I'm a published author of the Dutch book "Ontdek Wat Je Echt Wilt - En Maak Daar (Je) Werk Van.  

Currently working on my upcoming book series:  

 "The Art of Divine Selfishness - how to transform your life, your business & the world by putting yourself first."  

And finally: I LOVE people - in moderation ;-)  

That's why I limit appointments to an ABSOLUTE maximum of 4 per week.  

Having loads of alone time keeps me happy and prevents me from turning into a raging alcoholic lunatic ;-) 

Legal Disclaimer 

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. The more you put into this program in terms of listening to the lessons, implementing the action steps, and asking all your questions, the more you will get out of it. 

© 2018,